Ambassador Khan Calls for International Intervention Over Kashmir

Ambassador Khan Calls for International Intervention Over Kashmir

WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States Asad Majeed Khan on Tuesday urged the international community to intervene in Kashmir issue.

Pakistan’s ambassador said India’s aggressive and unilateral actions posed a grave threat to an already very tense situation.

In an interview to American channel, Khan said, “Unilaterally changing the status of a region which has been seen by the international community over the years as a disputed territory has really put the region at the verge of a serious conflict.”

“They are trying to rewrite history and they have tried to deprive the people of their identity. They have unilaterally tried to settle an issue which has been there on the United Nations (UN) agenda for almost 70 years,” the Pakistani envoy said.

Responding to question about how Pakistan and India could de-escalate tensions, Khan said it falls to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to lead the calls for peace.

“I think the provocation clearly has come from India,” he said. “Prime Minister Imran Khan was here. He spoke to you personally. He also met President Trump at the White House. And we’ve been very consistent in making all the overtures for peace to India. Unfortunately, all those gestures have not been reciprocated.”

Khan added, “It is for the United Nations… it is for friends United States and other international players — they need to intervene.”